Bleh. I feel pathetic. Don't know why I still have an account here. I don't read my friend's journals. All I do is collect icons and I don't need an account usually for that.

sfdskfsdfjsdfkdfsdf. bleh. I need to stop being dependant on my two whole friends because I am making myself miserable.

In other news, I am uninspired and have been doodling stupid stuff and watching tv and reading. Not productive.
Too cool

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I've been tagged D:
If you want to know the questions and haven't done it, uhhh, comment and I'll tell you if you do it? That's kind of cruel.

Ohyeah, and I'm kinda lame and only have like three lj friends xD so I will do rl friends. Or make em up, because I honestly don't know this many people.

> 1. Dheetoh?
> > 2. Uhhhh Ryla
> > 3. No one really. I know from watching 2424 hours of television / goosebumps that that stuff never ends well.
> > 4. Ryla
> > 5. bankotsedo
> > 7. Gomez Addams?
> > 8. Perhaps pinkiethumb
> > 9. Uhhhhh that's awkward and they always fall asleep so no.
> > 10. Cruella Deville
> > 11. Adfksdf Grere?
> > 12. Your mom.
> > 13. minionofspot
> > 14. Awney :C
> > 15. . . . Creepy much?
> > 16. My grandma. She's my friend D:
> > 17. Sequoyah my brother :o
> > 19. ...Of what?
> > 20. Elmo.
> > 21. ?
> > 22. ?
> > 23. Haha IDK.
> > 24. Your mom.
> > 25. THAT'S creepy.
> > 26. A frog.
> > 27. Barbie?
> > 28. xD Ari. Just cos he would be making fun of Nico and that would be awesome.
> > 29. No one D:
> > 30. If I was a superhero, I would be Awkward Girl!


 Weirdest thing ever: when you're driving home from school in a big white van and pass by the local high school just as everyone is walking home and there are no other cars in the road and it seems like everyone is walking in slow motion. 

I need to stop taking my imaginary meds or something, because I trip out all the time and it's just my brain.
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Gomez Addams - smug

Walking on Sunshine

Today's been one of those days when I feel like I'm in a music video.
Maybe it's just because it'sa gorgeous sunny day, and the wind is blowing and I've got allergies.
But I feel like I'm walking in slow motion.
To tell the truth, this whole weekend's been pretty surreal. Probably because it's the last of my summer vacation.
I need some hobbies.

This is me trying to be poetic and articulate before my mind turns numb for the month of September.
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Too cool

Films I should watch

Ignore screwy capitalization...
* indicated available to watch instantly on netflix
% represents in queue already
$ represents I have access to it

breakfast on pluto
red eye
pineapple express
the squid and the whale
ed wood
one flew over the cuckoo's nest
the chumscrubber %
fido *
lars and the real girl
kill bill
the darjeeling limited
rocket science$
the united states of leland
I'm not there tried watching it but couldn't get through it.
the golden compass
december boys
this is england
10 items or less
the life aquatic
running with scissors
meet joe black
igby goes down
altar boys
dr. horrible $
wormthooth nation $
super size me *
bowling for colombine
the butterfly effect
mallrats, clerks, etc
leon the professional
a clockwork orange *
american teen
the fifth element
Ocean's eleven
fight club
silence of the lambs
sin city
the perfect score
boys  don't cry
the village
venture bros
it's always sunny in philadelphia
dexter *
the office *
pan's labrynth *
factory girl
dance of the dead - oct?
Elephant $
Last Day
Dear Wendy *

Whitest Kids U'Know
Pushing Daisies
Life on Mars
The Office